SOP for Université de Montréal

Université de Montréal

The University of Montreal is one of North America’s major university complexes.  It also has 2 associated institutions. One is Polytechnique Montreal (engineering) and the second one is HEC Montreal (business). The University of Montreal receives approximately $500 million in research funding every year. This funding makes it one of Canada’s top three university research centers.

The University of Montreal is present on the northern edge of Mount Royal.  It is one of North America’s best urban parks. It also symbolizes the friendly multicultural city from which it gets its name. At the University of Montreal, one out of every four students is from outside of Canada. Montreal is famous for its cultural vibrancy, security, and affordable cost of living.

There are 18,195 postgraduate and 49,193 undergraduate students at the university. Approximately 73% of the student body is undergraduate, while 27% are graduate students. More than 67,389 students are studying at the university. Besides, the institution has 10,000 international students. Among these 7,000 of them are permanent residents.

The university’s admission process is vast and takes around 3 to 6 months. The university asks the applying candidate to submit all the essential documents. One of these important documents is an SOP for Université de Montréal

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