Personal Statement for Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The city is among the friendliest in the world. It is one of Canada’s oldest institutions, founded in 1818. It comprises 19,000 students, 22 percent of which are international students. Dalhousie combines revolutionary academic programs with pioneering research.

Dalhousie University has 13 Faculties and over 200-degree programs. This is possible due to the classroom innovation and its focus on interactive learning. In addition, Dalhousie University specializes in partnership with industry and opportunities for innovation. Besides, 90% of students take part in work-integrated education. This allows them to learn from experienced professionals and get practical information.

The university provides over 400 student organizations to assist students. Almost 2660 students live on campus. Some prominent alumni include Richard Bedford Bennett, Canada’s 11th Prime Minister; Joe Clark, Canada’s 16th Prime Minister, Arthur B. McDonald, Nobel Laureate: 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics; Charles Peter McColough, Xerox; and Michael Leir, Canada’s High Commissioner to Australia.

The authorities have a set of guidelines that are mandatory for the candidates. Similarly, you must curate the Letter of Intent for Dalhousie University.

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    A statement of purpose is also called a Personal Statement or a Statement of Intent. The paper is a must-read for students applying to prestigious international universities. It contains vital information about the applying candidate.

    Mentioning your academic interests in your Personal Statement for Dalhousie University is helpful. You might also talk about your past schooling experiences. Informing the authority about your reasons for choosing UBC is also a benefit. Typically, the declaration is in the form of a brief essay. Please read the specific criteria for the graduate program. Also, make sure they have everything they need.

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